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About us

It’s fair to say I was raised to love wood. Growing up on 30 acres of forest in New Hampshire my family heated significantly with wood. Dad would go out with just a bow saw to cut down any dead or dying trees and I was happy to help. I grew up in those woods cutting firewood with my dad to warm us through those bitter New England winters. At 17 an enterprising beaver killed off an entire stand of mature oaks and I convinced my father to let me get my first chainsaw. That saw still runs to this day! I learned how to safely and efficiently put away firewood for the family, how to neatly stack it for thorough drying and how to optimally use a woodstove to heat a home through the coldest winter.


Needless to say I was missed when I went off to college. Dad was alone with his bow saw once more while I pursued a career in mechanical engineering. I have always been a keen problem solver and put those skills to use for 25 years working as an industrial designer. But I never lost my interest in firewood and love of time among the trees. Married and then buying our first home we were quick to replace the fireplace with an efficient woodstove. Gradually as the years passed we began to rely on it more to heat our home.


When the pandemic hit, I would emerge from my work at home drudgery and cut firewood for stress relief. I created such an abundance I began to offer firewood bundles from a cart on my lawn. I used my skills and experience to offer dried, premium woods specializing in species specific bundles to suit many purposes. Friends and neighbors enjoying campfires, home-heating, wood fired cooking and smoking meats sought me out and business grew. I partnered with a friend on a farm who granted me space for an expanded wood yard. The sunny, open hilltop dries wood to perfection and offers the best sunset views.


I now find myself happily retired from engineering and back to my first love full time. I take the greatest of satisfaction from wood done well. You’ll see it when you light your first  bundle or add some sticks to the woodstove or smoker. Experience for yourself the quality and ease of using Four Season Firewood for your wood burining needs and order some today!