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Hardwood Mix Shorts - 18 cu ft

Assorted seasoned hardwoods. Typically Maple and Ash. 4" to 12" long
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Hardwood Mix - Typically maple & ash. 

IBC tote size - 3' x 3.8' filled 2' tall (a half tote).  18 cubic ft. works out to roughly 4/10 of a face cord. Keep in mind, my face cords at 16" length is 1/3 of a cord. Does this make sense? I feed my campfire generously for 3 hours an evening and the half tote lasts me typically 2-3 evenings.

Shorts are split hardwood chunks that are 4-12" long. There may also be occasional gnarly, ugly pieces or circular cookies that cannot be sold with the higher caliber bundle wood. They still burn great and perfect for the backyard campfire and is a more economical choice than half a face cord.

Products specifications
Size 18 cu. ft.
Type Mixed Hardwood
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